Connecting systems for modern furniture and interior design

The seven types of our furniture connectors, SUNNY, SILVER, CHAMP, METAL, CHICO, CLIPS, and FAST offer you an ideal gluing aid. The connectors DUO 30/35 and UNO 30 are versatile. The Duo-System offers, for example, an ideal connection solution as a frame connector for beds and tables. Our unique plastic dowels, as well as the spring steel dowel TUCK and the Quick-Set are ideal for carcass construction. The KLICK System offers all the advantages of a handy snap connector for components with small dimensions, such as moldings.

KNAPP connectors provide a high degree of pre-fabrication. All connectors are mounted non-visibly, are self-tightening and can be disassembled if needed, thus meeting the highest demands during the manufacturing and giving the finished product the perfect look.

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With over 30 years of experience inventing connecting solutions for woodworkers, KNAPP® is proud to say, „we supply the world“. While our main headquarters is located in Austria, KNAPP® has been supplying connectors to the United States and Canada for over 20 years. As the demand for invisible connecting solutions grew, we replied by establishing our U.S. branch in 2017 to better serve the needs of our fellow woodworkers. If you live within North, South, or Central America, please visit or email to be connected with the right representative.

All furniture connectors

DUO 35 hook connector, steel

UNO 30 hook connector, stainless steel

UNO 30 hook connector set

DUO 30 hook connector, steel

DUO 30 stainless steel A5

UNO 30 hook connector set, stainless steel

TUCK Spring steel dowels

QUICK-SET 2-parts dowel - connector

KNAPP® DOWEL selftightening plastic dowel

MODULAR Cabinet - Connectors

MODULAR shoulder screw

MODULAR Anti Torsion connectors