FIYU® FAST – Tongue and groove connector for furniture and fittings

FIYU® FAST – Tongue and groove connector for furniture and fittings

FIYU® – easy to connect, safe, fast and reversible

FIYU® – the connectors with the cutting edges have clever details: Thanks to well thought-out details, it not only connects securely and exceptionally quickly, it is also ideal for countless areas of application. It connects cabinet parts from an angle of 0 to 135°. The FIYU® LOCK is a particularly suitable solution for retrofitting shelves. It even holds all by itself – saving time and money. Optionally, the one-piece connector can fix the components with a clamping screw. FIYU® FAST is a self-tensioning cabinet connector that can connect miter joints and 90° joints firmly and detachably. It can also be used as a gluing aid.

System advantages

  • Plug-in connection on tongue and groove basis for immediate stability
  • Tight and precise guidance
  • Manual and industrial processing
  • Stackable
  • High clamping force and 100% perfect fit
  • Safety due to high load capac
  • Loadable in two directions

Usage For cabinets, intermediate shelves, 45 ° miter joints, partition walls, the installation of shelves as well as retrofitting shelves, frames, covers and profile strips.
Advantages Concealed, self-tightening, re-assemblable tongue and groove connector, immediately ready for use.
Choice of
All woods, synthetic materials (FIYU® LOCK), from a panel thickness of 16 mm; All softwood and uncoated plastic materials (FIYU® FAST)
Processing With CNC, flat dowel machine, adjust depth setting accurately, insert plug-in part and holding part into milled groove.
Attachment Insert the connector flush with the edges and push the components into place.