Here you will find current news and information of KNAPP®.


Forum Bois Construction (FBC) in Paris 2021 – Knapp Connectors

The 10th edition of the Bois Construction Forum has just ended…

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Builders make their ideas a reality with invisible connectors

A perfect quickly assembled construction and in addition beautiful: to reach this, Kiecksee Bauelemente GmbH builds its winter gardens with our invisible connectors RICON®…

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A to-go library

A pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair with 400 people standing capacity stands for a temporary library…

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Wood-steel connection with the connecting system RICON® S

A total of 18 curved beams are connected to a central polygonal steel core using the connector RICON® S…

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RICON® stainless steel for the roof

The 43 m high observation deck of the “Goethe Tower” with a total weight of 16 tons was manufactured with our Knapp connector RICON® stainless steel…

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Concealed connecting system for outdoor- gardens, balconies, boat, and ship interior fittings.

Walking barefoot over immaculate floorboards? Exposed wooden structures? High demands on safety and strength?…

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Event lounge assembled by helicopter with RICON® S

A mobile event lounge made its debut in the famous Austrian ski resort of Kitzbühel. The building consists of prefabricated wooden wall panels and deck tiles, and it can be assembled and disassembled anytime with the RICON® S…

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Radiant polygon facade

Entirely prefabrication with slim cross sections and a perfect appearance could be achieved by using the RICON® connectors for a polygonal timber curtain wall…

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Small TUCKs lead to wooden fences

Quickly and easily pre-mounted without glue or clamps, TUCK swiftly put together outside, waterproof, invisible – for a perfect look…

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Bau 2021 in Munich cancelled

The Bau 2021 trade fair in Munich will not be held as a physical event, that was the decision taken this week by Messe München…

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