Planner service

Planning service for for planners, engineers and architects.

We offer a comprehensive planning and calculation services designed specifically for planners, engineers and architects. You can choose between three options: an interactive table of load values, a dimensioning tool, or our personal planner service.

With the load table, you can quickly and easily choose the static values. By using the dimensioning tool, you can make your own pre-dimensioning. Through the planner service, our engineers will personally assist you with the pre-dimensioning of your projects. The close cooperation during the planning phase is very efficient for the realization of your projects.

Table of load values

The characteristic values and the measurements according to ETA-10/0189 (edition 29.03.2019) are listed in the interactive Excel table of load values and are chosen based on your criteria. A selected pre-dimensioning can be calculated easily and quickly.
Furthermore, it is possible to calculate oblique connections with the chosen screws. The load table is available for the connectors GIGANT, RICON, RICON S and RICON in stainless steel.

Download of table of load values (under the connectors GIGANT, RICON®, RICON® S und RICON® in stainless steel)

Dimensioning tool

When using the dimensioning tool, timber dimensions and the required connector sizes can be calculated easily, no time-consuming pre-dimensioning necessary. This is an auxiliary tool that provides the planner and structural engineer with a basis for the static calculation of the projects. The calculation tool for the connectors RICON®, RICON® in stainless steel and RICON® S is available to our customers free of charge after registration.

Download Dimensioning tool

Personal planner service

Do you have a project and wish to use KNAPP® connectors? You can benefit from our calculation service. Within the framework of your project, our engineers prepare a pre-dimensioning calculation with advice about the suitable connectors. Please contact us and send us the connection details and the load values of your project. Note: our planer service does not replace the approval of an accredited structural engineer.