Connecting systems for Modern Wood Curtain Walls

As a producer of patented connecting systems we develop and produce high-quality products which are distributed worldwide. Not only will our connecting systems convince – but also inspire you with the wide range of applications. The comprehensive service offers you the possibility to find the best, the most efficient and innovative solution for the realisation of your products.

On the following pages you will find our connector systems for modern wood curtain walls. Every connector permits high prefabrication and possesses the CE- and Ü-Marking through European and German certification of standards. Regular external inspection guarantees maximum security for planners, architects, manufacturers and owners.

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With over 30 years of experience inventing connecting solutions for woodworkers, KNAPP® is proud to say, “we supply the world”. While our main headquarters is located in Austria, KNAPP® has been supplying connectors to the United States and Canada for over 20 years. As the demand for invisible connecting solutions grew, we replied by establishing our U.S. branch in 2017 to better serve the needs of our fellow woodworkers. If you live within North, South, or Central America, please visit or email to be connected with the right representative.

RICON® | The connector for main and secondary beam up to 23,4 kN

RICON®-system single connection (EA)

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RICON®-system rampa-fitting connection (EAR)

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RICON®-system double connection (DA)

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RICON® Universal wooden connector made of stainless steel

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The main and secondary beam joint connector RICON® consists of two identical connector plates made of steel. An optional lock can be installed to latch the connector. The RICON® is recessed and non-visible, and can be used with timber widths as little as 50 mm. RICON® is available in a single connector set and double connector set for cross joints in six sizes 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160/40. The RICON is also available in stainless steel.

NEW and improved:

  • Better grip on the timber by means of a star-shaped embossing on the backside of the connector plate.
  • Mounting also on intermediate layers up to 26 mm (i.e. OSB).
  • Special coating for increased corrosion resistance for indoor swimming pools, riding halls, stables and farm buildings (tested).
  • Approval for off-centered glass loads up to 860 kg given by an additional reinforcing plate.
  • ETA extension for Hardwood (i.e. oak, larch, beech)
  • Concealed – connectors are recessed and non-visible.
  • Disassembly and reassembly possible if needed.
  • High degree of prefabrication – fast and exact assembly on-site.
  • Universal – connectors can fasten timber to timber, to steel and to concrete components.
  • Unique – can also be used for polygon façades.
  • Slim timber dimension – can be mounted on timber with thickness as little as 50mm and up to 450mm.
  • Labor efficient – no additional screwing or nailing needed when assembled on site.
  • Adjustable – can be adjusted according to joints intervals and construction tolerances.
  • Versatile – can be used for single joint and double joint applications.
  • Flexible – direction of assembly can even be from the outside towards the inside and from down upwards.
  • Safety – fire resistance according to (DIN 4102-2) by 4-sided concealed mounting (R30 ≥ 20 mm, R60 ≥ 40 mm).
  • Neutral – can be used in combination with different exterior profile systems such as RP, Schüco, MBJ, Gutmann, RAICO, Stabalux, … etc.

FASCO®-Profiles | Glued glass elements for modern wood- and metal construction

FASCO® Facade system

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Our profiles made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic meet highest architectural and engineering demands through a statically load-bearing glazing. Large, up to two stories, glass façades can be done without any additional reinforcement.

  • Slim view allows demanding architectural solutions
  • The efficient processing reduces installation time by approx 20 % compared to clamping profiles.
  • No stiffening required – replaced windbracings or steel structures
  • The inner glass pane of the insulating glass takes over the building stiffening
  • Low thermal conductivity by using fiberglass instead of aluminum
  • Scientifically proven performance (2001-2008)
  • Silicone-Weather-Joints allow plane and uniform façade surfaces
  • Applied for construction licensing

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FASCO® façade – Schreinerei Jungmann (DE)

Project: Showroom of Schreinerei Jungmann (DE)
Knapp-Connector: FASCO®, RICON® and RICON® S
Planning: Design and development by Tobias Jungmann (in the course of his thesis at Staatliche Holztechniker Schule Rosenheim)
Builder: Rolf Jungmann
Year of construction: 2014/15
Method of construction: Post-beam construction with flat roof
Gross building volume/m²: 50m²
Address: Kaikenrieder Straße 38, 94244 Teisnach,
Details: The façade was executed in the FASCO system, thus achieving the largest possible glass surfaces with filigree joints. The wind loads are largely removed over the glass front. Thus, optically disturbing steel cables or similar could be avoided. The corner posts and the attached external venetian blinds were also clad with painted glass surfaces.
Press article: mikado 7/2016

FASCO® wood-aluminum glass façade system – Single-family house in Haselbach

Project: Single-family house in Haselbach
Method of construction: Solid timber construction out of laminated timber walls with supporting fixed glazing
Knapp-Connector: FASCO® façade system
General contractor: Weirer Holzbau GesmbH, 8842 Katsch
Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Karl-Heinz Schwarz,
Press article: mikado 7/2013

FASCO® façade system – Solar Decathlon 2012 (ESP) – Team Ecolar from Konstanz

Project: Solar Decathlon 2012 (ESP) – Team Ecolar from Konstanz
Knapp-Connector: FASCO® façade system
Details: A modular system for everyone – The design of our ECOLAR house was based on two principles: modularity and flexibility. These leitmotifs run through the whole concept – starting with the construction, to the design of the interior. Therefore, we have developed a simple system: As with a modular system, there are only a few standardized elements from which any number of variants can be designed and subsequently changed or disassembled. In a basic grid of 4.30 m to 4.30 m different Raumkonfi can gurationen for a variety of uses arise. The facades can then be easily inserted into this framework and formed opaque, translucent or transparent as needed. All of these elements are pre-produced as prefabricated components with high dimensional accuracy. Thus, time, money and material can be used efficiently.

FASCO® façade system – “Freie Stadtschule St. Gallen”

Project: Studying area for the Freie Stadtschule St. Gallen (CH)
Knapp-Connector: FASCO® façade system
Architect: Klaiber Partnership AG Cédric Bosshard,
Timber construction: Blumer Lehmann AG,
Structural engineering: Borgogno Eggenberger + Partner AG
Construction time: October 2013 to July 2014
Press article: mikado edition 2015