Connecting systems for modern mass timber construction

On the following pages, you will find our connecting systems for modern mass timber construction:

With its standard sizes, the MEGANT® connecting system covers beam widths from 100 mm with a 633 kN load capacity, requiring only 2 cm hook way. The RICON®S system offers up to 116 kN load capacity with only 3.5 cm hook way. Both connection systems are used for main and secondary beam joints and can also join timber to steel or concrete. Being pre-engineered the MEGANT® and RICON® S offer a high degree of prefabrication and allow a smooth and quick installation without the danger of jamming during insertion.

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With over 30 years of experience inventing connecting solutions for woodworkers, KNAPP® is proud to say, “we supply the world”. While our main headquarters is located in Austria, KNAPP® has been supplying connectors to the United States and Canada for over 20 years. As the demand for invisible connecting solutions grew, we replied by establishing our U.S. branch in 2017 to better serve the needs of our fellow woodworkers. If you live within North, South, or Central America, please visit or email to be connected with the right representative.

MEGANT® | The heavy-duty connector for mass timber construction up to 768 kN

  • Load range – standard sizes up to 341 kN, customized solutions up to 768 kN
  • Minimum timber width ≤ 100 mm
  • Connection options – on wood, steel or concrete
  • Unique – mounting possible from all directions without tilting
  • Loadable in all directions
  • Fire protection – three sided concealed jointless installation
  • Short crane times by a high degree of prefabrication – only 2 cm hooking way
  • Dismountable – installed to connect and rebuild

Gründerrodeschule Frankfurt

Product: MEGANT®
Project: „Gründerrodeschule Frankfurt“
Project name/Construction Type/ City: Gründerrodeschule Frankfurt/ Timber frame construction/ 60323 Frankfurt/ Mai Hufnagelstraße 25, Germany
Project: School extension „Gründerrodeschule Frankfurt “, Germany
Team: Architect: Ms Christin Kappler, Mr Lutz Böhm, Mr Gero Quasten, Ing. Holzbau Krogmann: Mr Cornelius Wandt (construction manager)
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT® Connector
Architect: Prosa Architekten + Stadtplanung, Quasten Rauh Part GmbB, Schleiermacherstr. 8, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany,
Planning: Stadt Frankfurt am Main, DER MAGISTRAT, Amt für Bau und Immobilien, 25.53.2 Projektbereich Hochbau Dienstleistermodell, Gerbermühlstraße 48, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Structural engineering: Wagner Zeitter Bauingenieure GmbH, Adolfsallee 27, 65185 Wiesbaden, Germany,
Timber construction: Ingenieurholzbau: Krogmann Ing.-Holzbau GmbH, Kroger Pickerweg 142, 49393 Lohne, Germany,
Builder: City Frankfurt am Main, Germany, DER MAGISTRAT, Amt für Bau und Immobilien, 25.53.2 Projektbereich Hochbau Dienstleistermodell, Gerbermühlstraße 48, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
General contractor: City Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Time of construction: 2018
Method of construction: Timber Frame Construction
Address: DER MAGISTRAT, Amt für Bau und Immobilien, 25.53.2 Projektbereich Hochbau Dienstleistermodell, Gerbermühlstraße 48, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Gross building area: Floor area gross 2788m² (Energy Certificates), Floor area net 892m²/Floor area usable 705m² (Energy Certificates)

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Mass Timber Construction – Office building 25 King, Brisbane

Connectors: MEGANT® and RICON® S
Architect: Bates Smart AU-Melbourne Victoria 3000
Planning: Bates Smart AU-Melbourne Victoria 3000
Structural engineering: Lendlease, Aurecon
Timber construction: Stora Enso FI-00101 Helsinki, Wiehag GmgH A-4950 Altheim
Builder: Impact Investment Group Melbourne
Time of construction: 2017/2018
Method of construction: Timber frame construction
Address: 25 King Street, Bowen Hills Queensland, Australien
Gross building volume: 16455 m2
Details: 997 MEGANT® Connectors and 484 Connectors RICON® S

Video on YouTube: “25 King Street, Brisbane – A Visionary Timber Building”

Timber construction engineering – “Generationenhaus” in Starnberg (DE)

Project: “Generationenhaus” in Starnberg (DE)
Method of construction: Post-and-beam construction
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT®
Architect / Structural engineering / Timber Company: Regnauer Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG,
Builder: Weinhart family
Load: 82 kN
Construction time: approx. 5 months
Gross building volume: approx. 1.770 m³

Timber construction engineering – Construction of a warehouse in A-5611 Großarl / Salzburg

Project: Construction of a warehouse in A-5611 Großarl / Salzburg
Method of construction: Glued and laminated timber beams on reinforced concrete columns
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT®
Architect: Rohrmoser Plan, A-5600 St.Johann im Pongau,
Structural engineering: Bmst. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gerhard Hettegger, A-5611 Großarl, Nr. 282
Structural engineering MEGANT®: FS1 Fiedler Stöffler Ziviltechniker GmbH, A-6020 Innsbruck,
Builder: HHG Großarl, A-5611 Großarl,
Timber Company: Unterkofler Plan & Bau GmbH, Zimmerei und Tischlerei, A-5611 Großarl,
Construction time: July and august 2012
Load: 420 kN
Effective surface: 1.565 m²
Gross building volume: approx. 20.300 m³
Press article: mikado 1-2/2013
Brochure: Referenzprojekt Biomasseheizkraftwerk Großarl

Timber construction engineering – Eurospar Attnang-Puchheim (AT)

Project: Eurospar Attnang-Puchheim (AT)
Method of construction: Solid construction with aluminum-glass facade
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT®
Architect / Planning: Dworschak+Mühlbachler Architekten ZT GmbH
Timber construction: Schmid Baugruppe Holding AG,
Prefabrication: Buchacher Holzleimbau GmbH
Builder: GNIGL Projektentwicklung und Errichtungs GmbH
Project manager: Spar Österreichische Warenhandels AG
Year of construction: 2013, finalized in December of the same year
Connector load: 292 kN (Megant 990/100/40) and 369 kN (Megant 1000/150/50)
Gross building volume: 1.400m²
Press article: Holzmagazin 7/2014

Timber construction engineering – Cafehaus Fischer with MEGANT® connectors

Project: Cafehaus Fischer (Coffee shop)
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT®
Builder: Bäckerei & Konditorei Dirk Fischer
Architect: Architekturbüro Gerd Schwab,
Timber construction: Ing. Holzleimbau Wiedmann GmbH & Co. KG,
Zimmerei Holzbau Fehrenbach,
Structural engineering: Ingenieubüro Sättele,
Year of construction: 2015

Timber construction engineering – Restaurant "Le Panoramic", Schnepfenried (F)

Project: Restaurant “Le Panoramic”, Schnepfenried (F)
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT® and RICON®S
Builder: SMA Syndecat mixte da ménagement des stations de montagne de la vallée de Munster
Architect: Ateliers d-Form,
Structural engineering: Optime Ingénierie,
Timber construction: Dattler,
Construction time: July – December 2012 (6 months)
Method of construction: Mixed construction
Gross building volume/m²: 1050m²
Building-costs: 11 million euros for the whole facility
Load: 320 kN
Press article: Wood Surfer 4-5/2013
Brochure: Referenzprojekt Panoramarestaurant Schnepfenried

Timber construction engineering – Stilhof

Project: Stilhof, Brunnthal (DE)
Method of construction: Timber construction
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT® and RICON® S
Project team: Florian Uhl, Lothar Hennig
Architect: M13 Architekten GmbH,
Structural engineering: IGK Ingenieurgesellschaft Klein mbH,
Timber construction: Gumpp und Maier GmbH,
Builder: Remo Stilhof,
Year of construction: 2014/2015
Address: Eugen-Sänger-Ring 7a, 85649 Brunnthal
Use: Commercial building
Gross Building Volume: 11.250 m³, 2.466 m² (floor space)
Details: The building presents high-quality tile, natural stone and parquet flooring as well as concepts for kitchen, bath and fireplace. The short construction time desired by the user was made possible due to the selected timber construction.

Timber construction engineering – Aide et Soins à Domicile (BE)

Project: “Aide et Soins à Domicile” (Home care and help)
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT® and RICON® S
Builder: Aide et Soins à Domicile NPO, 
Planning / Architect: Lanotte & Goderniqux architectures Atelier d’Architecture Thierry Lanotte sprl,
Structural engineering: BSolutions sprl,
Timber construction: Peter Müller GmbH, Zur Morsheck 49, B-4770 Amel (Moederscheid),
General contractor: L’entreprise BAJART s.a.,
Address: Avenue de la Dame 93, 5100 Jambes

Timber construction engineering – French pavilion Expo 2015

Project: French pavilion Expo 2015 – Milan (IT)
Method of construction: Timber construction
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT® and RICON® S
Architect: x-tu, Paris (FR),
Timber constructer: Simonin Montlebon (FR),
Planning: Designtoproduction,
Builder: France Agri Mer
Year of construction: 2015
Details: The inspiration for the French pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan was the covered market as a symbol of French food culture. The three-storey building is mostly made of wood, including the almost 1500-square-metre vault in its core. A grid of curved glulam beams at a distance of 1,5 metres forms the ceiling of the market hall and the supporting structure for the levels above at the same time. This framework rises to a full height of 12 metres at to specific corners, whereas it reaches up to 8 metres inside. designtoproduction was commissioned to plan the structure of the vault structure by the French timber construction company Simonin. 730 individually curved support segments with variable cross sections of up to 200 × 2400 mm had to be modeled digitally, including the connection details at more than 600 crossing points. The paver received detailed 3D CAD models and 2D plans of all components as well as manufacturing data in BTL format.
Press article: Holzbau-Magazin 2016
Brochure: Referenzprojekt EXPO Mailand

XXL-Hiking bench Allgäu, Mittelberg/Allgäu

Project: XXL-Hiking bench Allgäu, Mittelberg/Allgäu
Knapp-Connector: MEGANT®, RICON® S
Timber construction: Holzbau Lipp,
Details: The largest hiking bench in Germany, initiated by the cooperation “AllgäuTopHotels”, is located on the outskirts of Mittelberg on a hillside with a fantastic view of Neuschwanstein and the Alpenkamm. The project with a length over 12 metres and 6 metres in height eventually became the property of the Verkehrsverein Mittelberg free of charge.
Source of photos and text: Lipp

RICON® S | The connector for main and secondary beam up to 230 kN

  • Connector for timber frame, wood frame buildings and halls
  • Timber width from 100 mm upwards
  • Universally applicable to timber, steel or concrete
  • Simple screwing without predrilling
  • Easy hooking by large V-shaping – only 3,5 cm hooking way
  • Three- and four-sided concealed connection
  • High fire resistence through three- and four-sided concealed mounting
  • Adjustable collar bolt up to 5mm length tolerance at full load capacity
  • Optional – securing against the insertion direction with clip lock