RICON® S – connectors for high capacity standard connections

RICON® S – connectors for high capacity standard connections

* Charact. load carrying capacity F2,Rk in insertion direction applies only to the use of original KNAPP® CS-screws according to ETA-10/0189 (25/08/2022).

VS = welded collar bolt, for highest load capacities
EK = adjustable screw collar bolt, for tolerance adjustment
GK = spring-loaded collar bolt for special assembly requirements
VK = screwed collar bolt, for moderate charge capacities
S80 adjustable with insert screw = for tolerance compensation up to 5mm

Note: The required number of screws for the connector RICON®S should be based on previously determined characteristic values of loads. You can verify this using our user-friendly dimensioning tool, or please contact our technical support team.

RICON® S | The connector for main and secondary beam up to 230 kN*

System advantages:

  • Connector for timber frame, wood frame buildings and halls
  • Timber width from 100 mm upwards
  • Universally applicable to timber, steel or concrete
  • Simple screwing without predrilling
  • Easy hooking by large V-shaping – only 3,5 cm hooking way
  • Three- and four-sided concealed connection
  • High fire resistence through three- and four-sided concealed mounting
  • Adjustable collar bolt up to 5mm length tolerance at full load capacity
  • Optional – securing against the insertion direction with clip lock
  • NEW: ETA additionally with hardwood material

RICON® S is available in five sizes with six different collar bolt variants to meet all connection requirements for wood, steel, and concrete:

The „welded collar bolt“ covers 90% of applications and there’s even an XL variant available.

For projects with lower load capacities, the „screwed collar bolt“ is the cost-effective choice.

The „adjustable collar bolt“ and „S80 adjustable collar bolt with insert screw“ can handle tolerances up to 5 mm, perfect for timber structures and wood-concrete hybrids.

And for assembling sturdy walls, the „collar bolt with spring“ is recommended. Just push it inward until it snaps into place against its counterpart.

VS = welded collar bolt for highest load capacities
VK = screwed collar bolt for moderate charge capacities
EK = adjustable collar bolt for tolerance adjustments
GK = spring loaded collar bolt for special assembly requirements
VS+ZP = Welded collar bolt XL version
S80 adjustable with insert screw = for tolerance compensation up to 5mm

Characteristic value F2,Rk in the insertion direction only apply for original KNAPP CS-Screws according to ETA 10/0189 (2022/08/25),

Load capacity tables

The interactive tables in Excel, available for download by clicking on the link below, provide the load capacity according to ETA-10/0189. This tool helps to quickly and easily select the connectors appropriate for the type of connection based on the service class and the type of timber.

The interactive load capacity table is available under the tab „Product downloads“