KNAPP PU+ Polyurethane adhesive, for thick adhesive joints

KNAPP PU+ Polyurethane adhesive, for thick adhesive joints

The KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ is an easy to handle mono component polyurethane adhesive free from curing agents and formaldehydefree, water resistant meets DIN EN2017 – D4.

  • Wide range from furniture to window construction, suitable for fine surfaces.
  • Fast – The glue ensures a fast and even hardening
  • Good adhesion characteristics to several types of wood, and building material, ceramics, metal, duroplast and thermoplastic after appropriate preparation of the surface
  • Flexible – Can be over-coated with many paint systems
  • Easy to mount – Can be ground when hard-dry

Suitable materials: Large range of wood materials, all types of plastic, stone, metal and all recommended KNAPP®-connectors.

Tested: Our adhesive has been tested and certified by the ift Rosenheim.

Processing – GLUING
The surfaces of the workpieces must be dry, free of dust and grease and cleaned.

Apply on one side, it will foam during the curing process. Skinning time is about 10 minutes, functional strenght after 20 min, curing time at approx. 24 hours, working temperature minimum +7°, moisture content of wood 8 – 14 %, adhesive testing is recommended.

Depending on material surface, check if the bonding result can be improved by grinding or applying of primer.

If non-absorbing materials are bonded (material humidity <8%), water must be “sprayed very finely” onto the adhesive to achieve complete curing. Paint the bonded workpieces only after the adhesive has cured completely; if they are painted too early, formation of paint bubbles cannot be excluded. The adhesive is applied one-sided as bead on one of the parts to be bonded. After they have been fit together, the parts must be fixed and pressed until functional strength has been reached. If the thickness of the joints is >2.5 mm, the setting times, press times and curing time are clearly longer, joint thickness ≥5 mm shall be avoided.

If solid wood is bonded, the adhesive should preferably be applied on the two surfaces to be bonded. The press pressure shall be >1 N/mm².

Tip: An adhesive sample is recommended. Remove the exposed adhesive while it is still fresh.

GLUING: For preparatory work, please refer to the general processing instructions, safety data sheets and technical data sheets.


310 ml


The surfaces must be first dry and dust- and grease-free.


Easy handling solvent-free 1-part polyurethane adhesive, water resistance Class D4 according to EN 204, formaldehyd free.


KNAPP®-ADHESIVE PU+ is applied onto one of the parts to be bonded. Open time approx. 10 Min., pressing time approx. 45 Min., fully hardened after 24h, minimum temp. +7 °C, moisture content 8-14 %, adhesive sample recommended.

Suitable materials

All recommended KNAPP®-connectors, wood, various construction materials, ceramics, metals, thermo- and duro-setting plastics.


Furniture, window construction, for smooth surfaces.

View the flyer and technical data sheet here: