CHAMP slide-in biscuit connector of plastic

CHAMP slide-in biscuit connector of plastic

Sliding connector for gluing with KNAPP PU+

The tried and tested CHAMP connector is a universal gluing aid for all materials conceivable in furniture construction and cabinetry. The two halves of the plastic connector are glued in half-moon grooves. Through the holes on the bottom part of the connector, the glue can bond firmly to the material. Afterwards, the parts are simply joined together and fastened in the longitudinal direction. If desired, a lasting connection can be established by gluing the joint. The CHAMP is suitable for the gluing of complicated parts, such as miter joints, which cannot be used with clamps aid. Since the clamping pressure is applied directly in the joint, you always achieve tight and clean-glued joints, especially with miter joints.

Due to the tightening function of the connector, it is not possible  for any gaps to appear over time.

Processing – FASTENING:

Add a few drops of KNAPP® PU+ into the half-moon groove. Press the connector halves into the groove so that they mirror each other, using the supplied jig (fitting tool). The jig ensures an optimum installation depth of the connector in the groove, regardless of how porous the panel material is. After the glue is hardened enough, the parts can be joined together. To assemble the parts, first insert and then slide them in longitudinal direction into each other. For final assembly, glue the joint before connecting the components.

Depending on the material, the compressive pressure is approximately 40 kg per fastener.

Tip: For preparatory work, please refer to the general instructions.


Plastic – PA6, fibre-glass reinforced, orange



Connector type

Slide connector


Glue in with KNAPP PU+ adhesive


Invisible, self-tightening, demountable connector


Cutting a slot with a plate joiner (Lamello biscuit # 20) and adjust the depth of the slot by using the micro-adjustment screw of the joiner according to figure T. Insert the connector with some adhesive into the pre-cut slot, using the template

Suitable materials

All wood and board materials


Furniture, Interior design, shopfitting, to join mitre joints and curves without using clamps or fixing devices

Product video | CHAMP – Slide in connector of GFRP | Knapp GmbH®