FAST knock in plug in connector, plastic

FAST knock in plug in connector, plastic

Article number: K058
FAST knock in plug in connector, plastic, incl. 1 piece insert tool
Price: for registered customers.
Amount: 250 pairs per unit

Plug-in connector that can be disassembled

The FAST is a plastic connector that can be used in all wood materials. The connector parts are simply hammered into a half-moon shaped groove. The patented cutting edges are inserted in the longitudinal direction in the material and keep the connector securely and firmly in the groove. If needed, the connection can be reinforced with a few drops of KNAPP®Glue PU+. Make sure that you insert the connector parts mirrored into the components, and they are flush with the component surface. The assembly is carried out by simply plugging together – the hook tabs snap into the counterpart with a tactile click. This connection is immediately load bearing and can be further processed. The FAST connector is suitable for all types of plug-in connections, especially where design or space conditions do not allow the usual sliding connection, or for a very simple self-assembly by the customer. The connector is self-tightening, non-visible and does not require clamping during the assembly. The resilient hook of one part of the connector snaps into the connector head of the other part, thus preventing unintentional displacement of the components. The joint can be glued and that way permanently fixed, or remains to be able to be disassembled.

Processing – Gluing:

Insert the two connector parts with the tip at the beginning of the half-moon shaped groove at an angle approximately equal to the rounding of the groove. Press in the connector slightly, while staying in the direction of the groove. Hammer it so that it slides along the rounding of the groove and the cutting edges are inserted in the wood. Then just plug the parts straight together and glue the joint if necessary.

Tip: For preparatory work, please refer to the general instructions.


Plastic – PA6, grey



Connector type

Clip-in connector


Knock in following the radius of the cutting edges, permanent gluing optional


Concealed, self-tightening, demountable connector


Cutting a slot with a plate joiner (Lamello biscuit # 20) and adjust the depth of the slot by using the micro-adjustment screw of the joiner according to figure T. Insert each of the different connector halves into the pre-cut slots.

Suitable materials

All softwoods and board materials without laminated surfaces


Furniture, Interior design, shopfitting, blinds, coverings

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