CLIPS glue in connector, plastic

CLIPS glue in connector, plastic

For adjustable, rotatable, detachable plug connections.

The CLIPS is a two-piece plastic connector that is glued into a half-moon shaped grooves. The grooved pin is then simply pressed into the lyre-spring. The grooves in the pin enable the position of a part to be adjusted; it can also be rotated 180° around the axis of the pin. This allows for a wide range of applications: from the installation of blinds, which can simply be plugged in at any time, to detachable ventilation grids or cable ducts, where the CLIPS serves simultaneously as a connector and as a hinge.

Processing- FASTENING:

Place a few drops of KNAPP®Glue PU+ on each side of the half-moon shaped groove. Then press the connector parts into the groove. After the glue is hardened, the CLIPS connector can be plugged together and also disassembled again. By inserting the lyre-spring on the various grooves of the pin, the position of the parts can be varied in 2 mm steps (in the case of the second groove from below-three steps upwards and one step downwards). The lyre-spring can be rotated 360° around the pin axis (hinging effect).

Tip: For preparatory work, please refer to the general instructions.


Plastic – PA6, grey



Connector type

Clip-in connector


Glue in with KNAPP PU+ adhesive


Concealed, self-tightening, demountable connector, adjustable (gap or rabbet)


Cutting a slot with a plate joiner (Lamello biscuit # 10) Insert each different connector halves with some adhesive into the pre-cut slots

Suitable materials

All wood and board materials


Furniture, Interior design, shopfitting, to join mitre joints and curves without using clamps or fixing devices