KLICK snap connector, plastic

KLICK snap connector, plastic

Article number: K045
KLICK snap connector, plastic
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Amount: 500 pieces per unit

The KLICK and sKLICK connectors are connectors that serve to snap together and mount small components with small dimensions, such as moldings. The KLICKpro is an adapter for KLICK and sKLICK, and serves as a groove. The sKLICK and KLICKpro combined, find its use in applications of window linings for inside and outside. The miniKLICK is a 2-piece fastener for small trims. All KLICK-connectors are made of UV and weather resistant plastic.

  • Universal – for components with very small dimensions.
  • Non-visible – concealed fasteners for many applications, such as panels, covers, and trims.
  • Efficient – high degree of prefabrication.
  • Simple and fast – just snap components in place.
  • Cost effective – reduces labor, no screwing or nailing necessary, no need for covering nails and screws afterwards. Components can be painted before mounting.
  • Disassembly possible if needed.
  • Self-tightening, also used for clamping when components are glued together.
  • Can be used with standard screws.

Plastic – PA6, darkbrown



Connector type

Click-on connector


Clips into the dovetail groove


Concealed, selftightening connector


Using a plunge router or CNC and an original Knapp dovetail router (TCT router with either Ø 6 or 8 mm shank, DIA router with Ø 10 mm shank), make a pocket groove or continuous groove. Can also be used without groove in conjunction with KLICKpro.

Suitable materials

Solid wood, wood panels, composite materials


Furniture, Interior design, shopfitting, yacht interiors