DUO 30 stainless steel A5

DUO 30 stainless steel A5

Article number: K350
DUO 30 inox A5

The stainless steel A5 suspension hook connector
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Amount: 250 Pair

Fixing decorative elements indoors and outdoors.

The new DUO 30 stainless steel A5 connects facades, cladding, furniture, and building elements in outdoor areas quickly and securely.

It is designed to withstand strong corrosion (A5), extreme weathering, and salt water. It is suitable for all wood materials or plastics, especially for interior fittings on yachts and ships.

The DUO 30 stainless steel A5 connector set consists of two identical round-shaped steel brackets that hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner, each of which has three positioning and holding tips on the edge.

These press into the edge of the drill hole and place the connector in position, preventing it from slipping during screwing. The workpieces are ready for immediate tensile strength once fastened together. The DUO 30 stainless steel A5 can be fastened with PH screws and glued.

The use of the optional DUO 30 locking clip prevents upward movement.



  • Precise and invisible
  • Extremely weatherproof
  • High degree of corrosion resistance (A5)
  • Immediate tensile strength
  • Easy to install – simple positioning and mechanical retention in the drill hole thanks to the holding tips
  • Easy to fit together without additional tools
Applications: For facades, cladding and constructions that require a high degree of weathering and corrosion resistance
Benefit: Corrosion resistance (A5)
Material: All woods, wood-based materials and plastics
Processing: Screw in with PH screws
TCT Forstner drill bit 30 with adjustable brad point, bench drill or CNC
Installation: Position, press in and screw or glue together
Accessories: TCT Forstner drill bit 30 with adjustable brad point (Ø 30 mm) | Art.-No. Z070
Center punch DUO 30 | Art.-No. K071
Drilling template suitable for DUO 30 | Art.-No. K563

Application examples

Components used in boat building must withstand extreme weather as well as highly saline sea air. In such an environment, connectors made of A5 stainless steel are absolutely necessary.

It facilitates the assembly of weatherproof and weather-resistant panels and components.

The new DUO 30 stainless steel A5 variant meets the most demanding requirements for corrosion resistance. Ideal for connections in outdoor areas, it is also suitable for interior fittings and cladding.

Since the connector holds immediately after insertion, it is easy to process precisely without additional tools. It even eases the strain of overhead work.

DUO 30 of A5 stainless steel resistant to heat and sea salt, is suitable for manufacturing and assembling interior and exterior cladding in saline environments.

At the same time, this applies to assembly in the factory and outdoors. By being invisible, is a stable fastener for stylish decorative elements and ideal for demanding outdoor furniture.