QUICK-SET 2-parts dowel – connector

QUICK-SET 2-parts dowel – connector

Screw bolts and plastic dowels (5 mm and 8 mm)

The QUICK-SET is a simple and efficient cabinet connector based on dowels. Two versions are available with a 5 mm and an 8 mm thread. The 8 mm plastic dowel remains the same for both versions and the thread length is 7.5 mm for both versions. This means that the QUICK-SET can be used in the 5 mm shelf support holes and in the 8 mm dowel holes. It can also be used for center panels with a material thickness of 16 mm or more.

The QUICK-SET is self-tightening and is not visibly mounted. The two-part connector is processed in the same way as a conventional dowel – but in a much shorter time. The QUICK-SET can be loaded immediately and used in standard drill holes.

The QUICK-SET is simply plugged together and can be used as an aid to assemble without clamps. Cabinets can thus be assembled easily and quickly on site even without clamps. High transport costs are eliminated. As a heavy-duty connector, the QUICK-SET can be used universally in modern and classic interior fittings. The pull-out strength of the connector is 60 kg with a 19 mm particle board. In addition to its main area of application as a modern carcase connector, the QUICK-SET can also be used for drawers. Used as a gluing aid in the manufacturing of stairs, the QUICK-SET can considerably facilitate the assembly of solid wooden steps on wooden substructures. Another unusual area of application is in ship interior finishing. Holes are drilled into the aluminium wall; bolts are screwed on and the wooden panels are simply slotted on.

Due to its geometry, the QUICK-SET is perfectly suited for serial production. Thanks to the possibility of cost-effective prefabrication by means of a CNC machining centre, the connector offers an economical processing option for the production of trim and fitting strips.

  • Invisible – Concealed, self-tightening cabinet(carcass) connector
  • Efficient – High degree of prefabrication
  • Easy transport – cabinet(carcass) elements can be transported in individual parts. Final assembly is possible on site
  • Fast – Saves lead times in production
  • Industrial – Ideal for CNC machining centres
  • Final strength – connection is no longer detachable
  • Safe – high pull-out values. They are 60 kg for 19 mm chipboard, 73 kg for 16 mm MDF, 73 kg for 17 mm solid fire and 85 kg for 17 mm solid beech.
  • No gluing – Due to the serration on the outside of the plastic dowel and an anchoring of the steel bolt on the dowel base, the QUICK-SET does not require any glue during use.

The thread length of the screw bolt is 7.5 mm. This makes the connector suitable for vertical centre units (from 16 mm material thickness) in cabinet construction to run a Ø 5 mm hole through and screw in the screw bolt on both sides. This allows shelves to be mounted on one level, for example.

For the 5 mm bolt, the holes must be drilled once with 5 mm and once with 8 mm and for the 8 mm bolt, an 8 mm hole can be drilled on both sides.
The drilling depth for the plastic dowel should be 31 – 32 mm. This ensures an optimal tightening of the steel bolt down to the base of the dowel when joining. This prevents the formation of a „hairline joint“. The plastic dowel is inserted loosely into the drilled hole without any glue.
After preparing the two components, the carcase or furniture parts are joined together with light pressure. We recommend distributing 5 to 6 pieces of QUICK-SET over a length of 600 mm.

Can be used with an automatic dowel machine, CNC machining centre or dowel drill

We advise against the additional use of hardwood dowels, as this builds up different tension when joining.

For preparatory work, please refer to the general processing instructions


Steelbolt, plasticdowel



Connector type

2-part cabinet connector


By screwing in the anchorbolt and knock in the plastic dowel


Concealed , self-tightening cabinet connector


Installation: Dowel-jig, power drill, dowel inserting machine

Suitable materials

All kind of wood boards (solid and composite materials)


Furniture, interior design, shopfitting