DEKLICK® clamp connector

DEKLICK® clamp connector

DEKLICK® clamp connector
For indoor and outdoor use - 2 versions, removable and hard to remove

System advantages

  • Quick clipping on – can be mounted vertically and horizontally
  • Prefabrication and tool-free assembly
  • Flexible joints design
  • Concealed connection
  • Variable assembly sequences
  • Precise positioning
  • Can be dismantled several times
  • Functional and versatile
  • To be screwed-on or glued
Applications For acoustic panels, decorative walls, floor fixings, wall and ceiling coverings, and strips (indoor and outdoor).
Benefits For removable and hard-to-remove connections. It can be processed vertically or horizontally.
Material POM – acetal plastic (resilient) and polyamide (UV and weather resistant, recyclable).
Processing Cordless screwdriver, biscuit joiner, CNC, various milling machines, profile cutter for block, and decorative mouldings.
Installation Position, screw (CS stainless steel screw 5 × 50 mm), clip-on, glue (KNAPP adhesive PU +), and plug-in.

DEKLICK® – Solution for elegant walls and ceilings

The interior and exterior are essential in terms of architectural design

Acoustic ceilings

With DEKLICK®, acoustic ceilings, wall panelling, and even furniture construction can be functional and attractive. Due to its variability, DEKLICK® offers countless connection options.
One click and the decorative element is invisibly and securely clipped onto the substructure. The processing is simple and can be prepared in the factory.

Wall cladding and paneling

The substructure is assembled on site, and then blocks or block rails are fastened to it.
The clamps are clipped onto the blocks. The milled groove of the decorative rails, on which to fix the clamps, is filled with the adhesive KNAPP® PU+. Finally, the decorative rails are clipped onto the DEKLICK® connector.
Once the adhesive has cured, the decorative element is firmly fixed. However, if necessary, it can easily be removed and replaced.

Decorative walls

The DEKLICK® connector is also ideal for furniture and interior fittings since it requires no tools, and
the assembly is easy to disassemble. It is easy to manufacture pre-assembled furniture parts and
to demount them with DEKLICK®. In addition, the clamp connector is suited for quickly assembling panels and wall coverings.
DEKLICK® replaces the assembly rails and corner braces. It is weather-resistant and is an ideal solution when it comes to making modern and contemporary joints.


The screw clamp version of DEKLICK® is used for quick fastening. However, it offers additional processing possibilities. The clamps can be attached directly to the construction elements with a EURO screw or in the 32 mm raster.