easy-con® Tension element for stair tread mounting und table legs

easy-con® Tension element for stair tread mounting und table legs

Tension element for stair tread mounting und table legs

Easy-con® is a universal and non-visible fastener for the assembly of staircases, panels, frames and fixing of table legs. Easy-con® offers the safety of a high quality and secure connector for the assembly of stairs according to (EU) building code (Z-50.4-325). The connector can be disassembled, and easily re-tightened at any time. Easy-con® can be used in all wood materials, and provides a high degree of pre-manufacturing. It consists of high quality steel, a tightening component, a tightening screw, a bolt and a screw-in dowel. The load bearing of the insert is 7 kN for wood, such as beech, and can take pull-force up to 3 kN.

With Easy-con®, visible screws, unpleasant looking cover caps, and visible threaded rods are a thing of the past. Apart from a small screw, which allows the connection to be disassembled, no connector part is visible.

The bolt of the connector automatically locks into the special Easy-con® nut and then immediately latches the joint. The installation is very easy, as the bolt snaps in. The assembly is very simple and can be carried out by a single person, using standard tools and machines. The Easy-con® system impresses with simple assembly, perfect look, and saving labor.

The patented Easy-con® system is available in two sizes (M8-16-50 and M8-16-25).

System advantages:

  • Concealed and non-visible, self-tightening and can be disassembled.
  • Safe – tested quality according to building code Z-50.4-325 (EU)
  • Assembly – high degree of pre-manufacturing and easy assembly by snapping everything in place.
  • Look – perfect look and no gaps; the connector can be re-tightened.
  • Quality – high customer satisfaction as there are no cover caps visible on the outside of the staircases.
  • Efficient – quick assembly on site, low labor costs.
  • Versatility – for stairs and staircases, table legs, and more

Stainless Steel

Connector type

Clampbolt for stair tread and table leg mounting


Insert and tighten


Non-visible, demountable, self-tightening, strong


With column-type drilling machine or slotted hole drill press

Suitable materials

All wood materials


Table leg to tabletop and tread to stringer connections