MILLER DOWELS – Timber pegs for natural wooden furniture

MILLER DOWELS – Timber pegs for natural wooden furniture

MILLER DOWEL – The timber peg for natural wooden furniture

  • Easy to use – drilling and driving in
  • Attractive design – various kinds of hardwood
  • Environment – ecological and sustainable

Whether solid wood furniture, plywood or glossy MDF – the MILLER DOWEL opens doors for new designs. The connecting system provides the necessary support and can be used as a stylistic element simultaneously. The patented dowels made from hardwood ensure precise fitting which can be achieved smoothly by using the original „TruFit™“ driller. Whether fitting in type of wood or contrasting: four precious types of wood – birch, oak, American walnut and cherry – provide many possibilities for application and attractive colour combinations.

Applied without glue, the use of MILLER DOWEL can realise particularly eco-challenging products. Applied with glue, fine grooves make for ideal dispersion of glue and prevent it from leaking on the visible sides.

MILLER DOWEL is available in three sizes – mini-X (42mm), 1X (70mm) and 2X (89mm), all in convenient starter sets with a suitable TruFit™ driller.