FIXclip-Profile GLE18

FIXclip-Profile GLE18

Article number: K079
FIXclip-Profile GLE18 – black

Rebate depth 18 mm, for nailing or screwing on

Rail length 6 m

Can be cut to size on request for a fee. Available in RAL colors on request for an additional charge.
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Amount: 1 linear meter

The FIXclip-Profile is the first and only fastening system to enable fastening and sealing in one operation. It saves assembly time and convinces with its special profile geometry.

The FIXclip- Profile is made of UV and weather-resistant plastic and is available in five versions GLE 17, GLE 18, GLE 20 or GLE 17, and GLE 20 Plus with a separate wedge seal.

  • Fastening and sealing in one operation.
  • Cost effective – reducing labor.
  • The perfect look – no visible fasteners
  • Simple snapping on of the glazing bead.
  • Safe – eliminates damage of glass pane that otherwise occurs due to misplacement of shooting nails.
  • Flexible – mounting can be done at manufacturing and/or on site.
  • Tested – meets all the requirements.
  • Fast mounting of the profile with screws or nails.
  • GLE20 Plus – with separate wedge seal for easy and fast mounting directly on the construction site
  • GLE20 Plus – easy to remove / disassembly possible if needed.
  • GLE20 Plus – suitable for both wedge sealing and wet sealing.
  • High quality material properties – elastic, can be nailed, UV and weather resistant, resistant to varnishes, glazes and cleaning detergents
  • For wood windows and wood-aluminum windows, as well as fixed glazing of windows and doors.
  • Burglary protection – RC1 and RC2 safety can be achieved by using screws to fix the dry glazing systems (must be verified by a separate test of the element).

The FIXclip-Bar is shipped by default at 6 meter rods.


By nailing 1,2×25 mm (head diameter 2 mm) or screwing with PH-screw 3×25 mm.


Invisible fixing of glass and glazing beads, removable without damage, tested for wind load Class C5 (EN 12210) and shock resistance Class 3 (EN 13049).

Processing options

With spindle moulder and cutting saw blade.

Suitable materials

Glass profiles, sectional strip made of solid wood and composite materials.


For glazing of doors and windows.

Fenstereck | Standard
Conventionally glass bar attached with exposed nails.
Fenstereck | FIXclip-Schiene
New method with FIXclip-Profile (no visible nails and tight joint)

Ausglasen mit Kittfalzfräse

Das Ausglasen erfolgt in der Regel ohne gravierende Beschädigung der Glasleiste, so dass man die Glasleiste wieder einsetzen kann. Im ungünstigsten Fall bricht unten die Wange weg, so dass eine neue Leiste benötigt wird.

Die erste Leiste ist die schwierigste, die restlichen drei Leisten lassen sich erfahrungsgemäß leichter lösen.

TIPP: Kitfaltzfräse zum Ausglasen

Fast and safe glazing – sealing and fixing in one step: For more than five years, the window manufacturer Döpfner has been using this concept and has been producing up to 150 windows a day with the Knapp FIXclip-Profile system.

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