FIXclip GLE20 plus

FIXclip GLE20 plus

The invisible glass bead attachment FIXclip GLE20 Plus complements the FIXclip profile system. The individual holder is a true alternative to the profile, ideal for fixed glazing, and an optimal solution even for wet glazing. The pressure is applied using an angled screw connection. Easy clicking of the glass bead is ensured. Similar to the profile, the optional wedge gasket can be used for dry glazing.

FIXclip GLE20 Plus is made of UV and weather-resistant plastic and is available with a separate wedge gasket.

  • Glazing and sealing in one system
  • Saves labor – Effective production process guaranteed (also on site)
  • The perfect look – No visible fasteners
  • Simple mounting – Just clip in the glass stop
  • Safe – No damage to the window glass by „faulty nailing“
  • Tested – Meets all requirements for windows
  • Fast – Groove for nailing and prepunched holes for screws
  • Material characteristics: highly elastic, able to nail, UV and weather resistant, resistant against lacquer, clear finish, stain and cleaning agents
  • Clean – Easy snapping of the glass stop
  • Separate wedge sealing for a trouble-free glazing on site
  • Demountable – Easy glass change possible, without a damage of the glass stop
  • GLE20 Plus is either suitable for dry or wet glazing process

By screwing with KNAPP stainless steel PH-screws 3,5×25 mm or SK screws 3,5×25.


ontact pressure due to 45° angled screw connection
Hidden montage of glass stops and profile strips. Removeable with no damage.

Processing options

Removable spindle moulder with moulding knifes (Art.-Nr. K656)

Suitable materials

Glass profiles, sectional strip made of wood or plastic.


For glazing of doors and windows.


FIXclip-Profile moulding knives GLE20 / GLE20 Plus and
FIXclip GLE20 Plus (Art.-Nr. K656), GLE20 Plus wedge seal (Art.-Nr. Z089)