WALCO® | Connectors for facades, walls and modular structures up to 21,3 kN

WALCO® | Connectors for facades, walls and modular structures up to 21,3 kN

WALCO® System for facades, walls, and modular structures

Heavy curtain wall elements and room modules can be easily and securely fixed with two new solid base plates.

The KNAPP®-WALCO® system gets a new addition: With two new hanging options, heavy curtain walls, wall elements and room modules can be hung easily, safely, and fast.

For universal connections to solid wood, wood materials such as cross laminated timber or OSB boards, steel, concrete or brickwork for timber widths from 80 mm.

Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity, the solution requires only a few connectors and allows a high level of prefabrication. This means the entire building can be quickly and accurately assembled from individual modules, later extended, or modified, and disassembled again at any time.

Two options of WALCO® V base plates are available:

  • One option with a welded support bolt, as used for connecting modular walls, for example.
  • A second option with a welded-in, metric thread that enables precise adjustment of the element spacing and thus ensures an exact look of the facade.

WALCO® V connectors are used as the counterpart for both options. Their generously shaped V-shaped slot allows the retaining screws to be easily hooked in at the building site and the respective elements to be plugged together without the need for tightening screws.

All connector parts of the WALCO® system are made of hot-dip galvanised steel and are self-tightening. The base plates are axially adjustable via slotted holes, and the joint spacings are also adjustable. e.g., building tolerances can be adjusted. An optional locking clip – not visible from the outside – made of stainless VA spring steel, locks and secures the respective connection with a click in case of loads against the insertion direction.

  • Universal connection of facades, wall- and room modules to solid wood, wood-based materials, steel, and concrete as well as brickwork
  • Fast and precise assembly and disassembly on site due to its V-shaped system
  • High level of prefabrication
  • Adjustable to the millimetre
  • Outstanding safety and stability