MATEO Timber Peg – Stepped Dowel made of hardwood

MATEO Timber Peg – Stepped Dowel made of hardwood

MATEO Timber Peg – Solid connection made of timber holding up to 1 ton

Wooden connector for traditional timber construction with a couple of hammer blows.

The turned MATEO Timber Peg is available in ash (Art. No. K304) and Beech (Art. No. K303).

  • Ash: Tough and ductile (malleable) load capacity up to 0.8 tons (transverse to grain direction F1).
  • Beech: load capacity up to 1 ton (see table on next page).
  • Dimensionally stable at 7-8 % wood moisture content.

After installing, the peg swells and holds the building components securely together. Glued with waterproof adhesive, achieves higher pull-out values and the joint is additionally secured.

  • Wood-wood connection – ecological and proven
  • Simple processing
  • Pre-drilling in the factory or on the construction site
  • Self-tightening
  • Traditional design
  • Metal-free connection
  • Predictable fire resistance
  • Self centering – easy to insert due to stepped design
  • Rustic design stepped peg made of solid hardwood to connect timber components.
  • Beam layers, main beams and secondary beams.
  • Posts, frames and CLT walls for corner and T-joints.