Shipping service

After receipt of order you get an order confirmation via mail from our customer service.

You can pay for your order via bank transfer. Please, pay in advance by bank-transfer if it is your first order. Our bank details can be found on the order confirmation. After placing the order, you will receive a confirmation email. When we receive and process your order and payment, your products will be shipped to you within 1-2 business days via Schenker/GLS.

For shipping costs please look them up on your order confirmation.


(March 16, 2020) – We kindly ask you to inform us whether it is 100% possible for us to deliver your shipments to the indicated delivery address.

If the delivery is not feasible and this results in return shipments, we will have to charge € 25 flat rate for the administrative work in addition to the return costs from the forwarding agent due to the current situation. In case of pallets return we will charge an additional € 25 flat rate to the usual return costs.
In order to enable us to handle your shipments, we ask all customers to plan quantities and requirements as far in advance as possible. Please get in touch with your contact persons at KNAPP as early as possible to secure needed quantities!