Eb-Ty® LC Hidden Deck Fastener

Eb-Ty® LC Hidden Deck Fastener

Article number: Z401
Deck Fastener suitable to biscuit joiner system for gap width: 6,5 mm,
incl. 250 pcs. fasteners, 260 pcs. trim-head stainless.steel screws 4,5x55 mm, 2 pcs. full hex body Torx 15 bits
Consumption (approx.) for 500 mm joist distance:
15 pcs. / m² for board width 150 mm = 16 m² / package unit
23 pcs. / m² for board width 100 mm = 10 m² / package unit
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Amount: 250 pieces per unit

Eb-Ty® is used for deck boards and panels, indoor and outdoor, as well as wood facades and formwork where ventilation is necessary.

The “fish-belly” shaped one-piece connector is secured with a CS-stainless steel screw. The integrated spacer provides wide joints for uniform 6.5mm and can compensate up to 4mm swelling and shrinkage.

  • Concealed mounting
  • Quality stainless steel CS-screws
  • Efficient, quick and easy mounting
  • Allows shrinking and swelling
  • For 6.5mm of spacing
  • UV and weather-resistant plastic


  • Even the best connecting system cannot offset poor quality of some timber.
  • Please ensure that the timber is dry; particularly, avoid timber from the core and spiral-grained boards.
  • Recommended length of deck board: max. 3 meters (9.8 ft.).
  • Pre-drill, particularly with hardwoods, such as oak.
  • Follow the installation instructions of your timber supplier.

Plastic – PA6, black



Connector Type

Deck fastening, plastic


Screwing in with included A4 CS-stainless steel screw Ø 4,5 mm x 55 mm

System Advantages

All deck boards are set to level, uniform height and automatically spaced 2 or 6,5 mm, relieves stress caused by natural shrinkage of deck boards.

Processing options

Cut a slot in deck board at each joist using a plate joiner (Lamello biscuit # 20)

Suitable materials

Most solid wood and some composite deck boards (Check the instructions of your supplier of wood.)



For joist spacing of 500 mm

Board thickness 150 mm

ca. 15 pieces / m 2

Board thickness 100 mm

ca. 23 pieces / m 2

Board thickness 150 mm

16 m² / packaging unit

Board thickness 100 mm

10 m² / packaging unit